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"Conquer the Globe" is a new series of children's travel guides in which Pedro Paella and his friends present their homelands in an interesting way from a child's perspective. The guides are hilariously written and illustrated and suitable for primary school children (8-13 years) and all young-minded people.

The books comprehensively present popular family travel countries, giving a snapshot of e.g. history, nature and culture, not forgetting favourite places and fun facts.

Yes, Pedro and the guys know what kids are interested in!


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The first book in the Travel Guide series introduces you to Spanish specialties in a fun and interesting way.


Did you know that the capital city Madrid is also the geographical center of Spain? Or that there is a chocolate museum in Barcelona where the entrance ticket includes a chocolate bar.  

In the book, Pedro Paella also teaches basic vocabulary in Spanish and introduces traditional dishes to children in the form of recipes. 


The second book in this travel guide series introduces you to the joyous destinations and local customs of France, led by Patricia Baguette.


Did you know that Paris is the most visited city in the world or that French was the official language of England for over 300 years ?! Crazy!  



The third in a series of travel guides is showcasing the sites and local customs of Italy's wondrous landscape with Mauro Mozzarella


Did you know that Milan has a law that obliges its citizens to smile? Or that on New Year's Eve you should wear red underwear if you want good luck for the new year?



The fourth book of the travel guide series presents the inspiring Great Britain with the help of Charlotte Cheddar!

Did you know that the world's first speeding ticket was issued in Britain in 1896, or that England's first king, William the Conqueror, passed a law requiring all citizens to go to bed at 8:00 PM!

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